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TET Successfully ACORNS Rocky Top Talk Haiku Contest Voting

In our most successful recon mission outside our blog since the panty raids at RBR and Dawg Sports last year, we were able to rig the vote on the haiku contest that RTT holds before each game. In spite of them knowing our intentions, they were as helpless as Republicans as we pushed JD is Legend into the winner's circle. If you don't know what  haiku is, go directly back to Creative Writing 101. No, it's NOT a sushi roll.

Joel and Hooper and the guys over at RTT are certainly good sports and do an excellent job on their site. As a matter of fact, I'd have to say that they have the best gang of contributers of sports-only content than any of the other SEC blogs I've seen over here, and NO Rachel Bilson photographs. I could use a few more buttons that will play Rocky Top on demand, though.

I'm sure I speak for most Auburn fans in saying that a win over Tennessee is a real treat for us no matter if it is a rebuilding year for them. It's always been a respectful rivalry between us and it's hard for me to believe that we've won five in a row over them. It's a shame that we'll have to tuck this rivalry away for a few years unless we meet in Atlanta, but I'm sure we'll be able to dust it off when it rolls around again.