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More Random-ness


My post is going to be a bit short and discombobulated this week mainly due to the fact that my Tennessee Game viewing was in a post partum room of "the baby factory" in Atlanta.  The good news was that my son got a win on his first game day (he was sporting his Auburn beanie).  The bad news is that I did not get to watch every play and notice all the different things going on (like I usually do). 


General notes  

Wes Byrun is playing really well.  I know that he missed a FG against UT, but I, for one, am glad that he got that one out of the way.  I did not want him missing his first one in a last second situation. 

Ben Tate is a man.  He made Eric Berry look stupid when Eric bounced off him like a rag doll.  The commentators seemed to have a Julio Jones/Tim Tebow type love affair with him.  Eric is good, but he did not really do anything to make me think he is a game changer like I thought he would.  I give that credit to Gus Malzahn and Darvin Adams.  

Our defense is not all that good.  I hate the "bend don’t break" type defenses.  If we are going to be that type of defense, we better learn to stop breaking.  The Vols scored on us too easily on two different occasions.  If they had anyone better than Crompton, we could have lost.  Freeman still looks lost the majority of the time.  Get that boy some game film to watch of the linebackers from Auburn’s past. 

Onterio McCalebb can catch the ball and make people miss.  If his ankle was hurting at all you sure could not tell it.  With him going into the flats on one side and Mario Fannin in the flats on the other side, it is a defensive coordinator’s nightmare. 

Lastly, it looks like Auburn finally got some respect by the pollsters.  Putting us at 17 is very generous.  It looks like we are looking good in the BCS assuming we keep winning.  That is a long way down the road… but like Al Davis of the Raiders always says,  "Just Win, Baby!!!"

Again, please forgive my overly choppiness.  I am running on little sleep.  I am trying to be as dedicated an "employee" as I am a dedicated Auburn Fan.

War Damn Eagle