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Quick Hitters

Most of the time, at this point in the season Auburn and Georgia fans seem to get a bit snippy.  But this season it is not happening like it normally does.  Is it because both sides of the conference are already decided and neither the Tiger nor the Bulldogs are in it?  Is it because no one really knows which team is going to show up on Saturday?  Auburn and Georgia both looked very good last weekend… of course they were both playing pseudo high school programs.  On the other hand both have had games where they looked totally inept. 

Trying to break down this game into simple terms is a follows.  I am guessing that Acid will break it down further like he normally does.

Chris Todd vs. Joe Cox – This is really not a contest.  Todd has had his bad games, there is no denying that.  But Joe Cox has been just down right terrible most of the season.  He has thrown at least one interception in every game is year.  He has arguably the best WR in the SEC in AJ Green and still has trouble completing passes.  I also look for Logan Gray to play some QB against the Tigers.  Hopefully Roof will have everyone prepared for that. 

AJ Green vs. Darvin Adams – While Darvin has had a great year and has stepped up huge for Auburn, he is no AJ Green.  Green is in my opinion the best WR in the conference.  If Cox could get the ball anywhere in the area AJ would catch it.  Both will be double teamed all night you can count on that. 

Ben Tate vs. Washaun Ealey – Much like the WR battle this one is no contest.  Ben Tate has put up great numbers for an Auburn RB, and that is saying something.  He has toped the 1000 yard mark already and looks like he could break the big one on almost every carry.  Ben Tate is also a Senior and has been in the big games before.  Ealey is a Freshman, while playing great, Freshman are known for making key errors under pressure.

Josh Bynes, Craig Stevens, and Eltoro Freeman vs. Rennie Curran – In my opinion Rennie is one of the best LB to ever play at Georgia.  He is in almost every play and his motor never stops.  He leads the Bulldogs in tackles and quite possibly is the all time leader.  He is on almost every defensive award watch list.  He is the bright spot on an abysmal defensive unit.  While Bynes and Stevens are leading Auburn in tackles, they are not on par with Curran.  Eltoro could get there some day, but he is not there yet....  although I see Eltoro having a fantastic game against Georgia. 

So far there has been no contest across the board.  Now to where it matters most, in the trenches

Georgia Offensive line vs. Tigers Defensive front – I have to give the edge to Auburn.  While the D Line has struggled at times this season, the Tigers have really stepped it up in the last two weeks.  Antonio Coleman and Antoine Carter have come alive.  Georgia has started four different offensive fronts this season.  Injury has plagued them again, so look for Auburn to get plenty of pressure.  Also the Georgia ends have the same issue that Auburn has on occasion… the over pursuit of the running play, and opening up the screen pass or bootleg. 

Auburn’s Offensive line vs. the Bulldogs Defensive line – The key to the offense in this game is going to be the offensive front of the Tigers.  Auburn has been pretty good all season with giving Todd time to throw.  The issue is that Todd has been known to hold the ball too long.  They are also going to have to open the holes for the Auburn running game to get going.  The Dogs are going to load the box to stop the run.  If Lee Ziemba and the crew can keep for getting the killer penalty all will be well.  The Georgia D Line has been improving every week.  Early in the year holes were opening up, but over the last couple of weeks they have held strong.  The Dogs start three seniors and all three have plenty of experience

Although a 7-5 season was to be considered a success for the 2009 Tigers, it is not any longer.  7-5 now is a disappointment.  This is a much win game for Auburn and I think that this game is theirs to lose.  Georgia is reeling, and is just plain lost on offense.  The Tigers should build a bit more momentum heading into the Iron Bowl in two weeks.  8 wins puts Auburn into a decent bowl and who knows 9 wins could make it even better with a New Years Day one.   


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