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Auburn Had a Football Team...


When Georgia was a Pup!


     War Eagle, everybody! Tonight, the Auburn Tigers try to roll it up on the Georgia Bulldogs! There's a lot riding on this game, for the Tigers. With a win, the Tigers would almost certainly be in a New Year's Day bowl, likely the Cotton. (Anyone else interested in seeing the new Jerryland stadium?) An Auburn loss might pave the way to Shreveport. Should Auburn lose, it would be the first time to lose 4 in a row to the Bulldogs since World War Two.


     The key to this game will be how well the Auburn offense runs. The line needs to have a great game, and we need to take care of the ball. If we can get the ball moving, I think Georgia will make enough mistakes to fall behind. Auburn cannot drop the ball on the ground, or put together strings of three 'n' outs.


     Once again, I'm going to have to spend at least some of this game on earbuds with Stan and Rod, rather than in front of the TV. I am hoping to be home by halftime, and right here on this thread! This has been a ridiculous fall with obligations during Auburn football games. Next year, I'm turning everyone down during football Saturdays. And I can tell you this: NOTHING will get me out from in front of the TV, on Black Friday, this year! (Except free tickets..)


     As always, feel free to chime in and cheer on the Tigers! This game may be one for the ages! War Eagle! Glory to Auburn!