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End of Regular Season Thoughts

With all the "moral victory" talk and "Bowl" talk I thought I would throw my two copper pieces in about Auburn this season. I do not believe in moral victories, a win is a win and a loss is a loss.  What I do believe in is a fan base believing in what a coach and a program are doing. No one really gave this Tiger team a chance in the Iron Bowl, but the staff got the players prepared and ready to fight. That shows me that Chizik and the boys have that never give up attitude, and that was not the case last season. In my view, Auburn has a lot of great things going for them as a program.

Gene Chizik was not my first choice as a coach for "my" Auburn Tigers. I could not tell you who my first choice was, but Chizik was not it.  Some members of his staff on the other hand were my first choice. Gus Malzahn has been great for Auburn, Trooper Taylor as well. Curtis Luper has been a surprise for me. I thought that Eddie Gran should be retained, but I guess it is good that he was not. No chance of dissention in the ranks. Ted Roof took a lot of heat from me and others, but he did a lot with very little. It will be a great thing that our young players got serious playing time this season. They will be veterans next season, although they might only be sophomores. 

As far as the bowl situation, it really should not matter to the fans where Auburn ends up. The players will have the ability to practice for another month because they are bowl eligible. That is huge, especially for the younger guys… and for next years starting QB. I have no idea who it is yet, but it will not be Chris Todd, so someone is getting extra practice time. Auburn and its players will also get the goodies that go with going to a bowl game. Besides the extra practice time, I think the best thing about going bowling this season is it is a reward for a team that came together and overcame their short roster and coaching changes. I think that there are too many bowls… I bet I have said that at least 100 times, but this Auburn team deserves one this season. 

Being selfish, I was hoping that Auburn got to play Georgia Tech in the Chic-fil-A Bowl so I could attend, but I think that it will be UGA and Clemson playing in that game. I though that would have pushed Auburn into Shreveport to play Texas A&M, but somehow Tennessee got out of playing the Outback. Just goes to show you that no one really has a clue when it comes to bowls.   Too bad it is a 10am kickoff.

If you have not read AubTigerMans fan post you should.  It just goes to show you that playing with the heart of a champion can bring everyone closer together.  Auburn fans are the best, and I am proud to be one.

War Damn Eagle