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Shut Up, Charles!


With respect to Scarbinsky I will cite him here, although I had already started this piece before he posted it this morning. 

What the hell is Charles Barkley thinking?  Normally I like him, he is great for television and it is fun to listen to him and have people know he is from Auburn.  He and Shaq are the two best athletes to watch on TV.  Anyways back to my point.  For him to come out and say that he thinks that Auburn should have gone with Turner Gill is beyond me. 

How can you fault Chizik after what he has done in Auburn in about 365 days.  He has the fan base abuzz with recruiting.  We have never seen the top tier talent have Auburn on their radar… much less in the verbal commitment category.

Do you think that Turner Gill would have been able to pull in the assistant coaches that Chizik did?  I can answer that… No Freaking Way.  Well I don’t guess I can say that… we will never know, but I cannot believe at this point in time that any Auburn Alumni or Fan can complain about Chizik.  If things are not remarkably better for Auburn in three or four years, we can start wondering, but today all Auburn should be proud of our coaches.

What about the fact that Auburn was supposed to be a sub .500 team and we are 7-5 and heading to a New Years Day Bowl?  No coach has had a winning season in their debut other than Bowden (except we were on probation so no Bowl).  Auburn was only a few plays away from being a possible 9-3 team.  That is remarkable with the lack of depth the Tigers had this season.  

Let us not forget that Chizik and his staff are doing all of this while Alabama is at a place that they have not been since the Bear walked the sidelines.  They are a powerhouse once again.  Let us not forget that the 2009 team was supposed to be the rebuilding season.  They should be even better in 2010. 

I for one am proud of Auburn and its staff for doing what they are doing.  They are going after recruits like we have never seen before.  If we can actually get them on campus and keep them there, we will be just fine.  Even against the "Alabama Machine" as Barkley calls it.

Normally I love you Charles, but in this case you need to take your racial blinders off.


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