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Final Post of 2009

I still have the in-laws in town so forgive me if this post is off a bit. They have that effect on me.

I would like to talk a bit about the coaching things going on in the SEC. Lets start with Urban. What is he thinking? If he has something seriously wrong with his heart he needs to get that taken care of. It is obviously bad enough that a doctor told him to "step away." In my opinion the whole thing is just odd. The presser was weird, and very cryptic. I am sure there will be more after the Sugar Bowl.

With said... what about Saban coming out with his statement about not taking the "open Florida position?" It seems that he is trying to dominate the media, or maybe that is just me being anti-Saban.

If Urban steps down (which I think he will) what is the line on Dan Mullen? What about Kyle Whittingham (which would be my pick)?

Speaking of coaches... what is Mike Leach thinking? Punishment for players doing something wrong is obviously fine... but to punish a player for having a concussion? First Maggini and now Leach? Who is next?

I am liking what we have going on here in Auburn. Chizik seems to have Auburn in a good place. Although Auburn has some issues with players’ grades and a couple of off the field issues, every program has that. At least they are not huge issues, and the coaches are keeping their noses clean. Hopefully the Tigers can pull in more recruits and put us in a better place. Is anyone a bit worried about the lack of big name offensive lineman in the class? That is the one position that Auburn needs help now, not later... now.

My quick thoughts on the game Friday. Auburn better not overlook the Wildcats. They can score. Auburn is typically not very good in early games, and this one is really early for the Central Time Zone folks. It is also hard to stay focused on a football game when there are so many appearances and "fun" things going on. I am not so much worried about the offense, but the defense is going to have to step up from the start. It took the Georgia offense almost and entire half, but they finally got going. But the defense was there from the start. Auburn will need to play well, or Northwestern could sneak up and win this one. I will be yelling like a crazy man from my living room, and hope that all that those in attendance do the same.


War Damn Eagle and Happy New Year