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Sign Up Here For Bowl Season Pick Em!





I really don't know why they don't include the bowl season in the regular pick em--probably so they can have a Final Jeopardy crazy-like finale with the post season. Regardless, if you want to participate, go to Yahoo and sign up. You will need a yahoo email address, but you can have notifications sent to your regular one if you like. The name of our group is Track Em Tigers, but you need our group ID # which is 16831. The password for our group is meangene (but don't tell anybody).

I believe we're still limited to the first 50 pickers, so hurry up and join. Bowl season starts December 19th and ends some time before March Madness (I think). Although it makes it really easy to follow if you use the same yahoo name as your TET moniker, you can remain anonymous if you like, but for those of you who join, chime in below so we can get a head count. And as always, everyone is invited to join.

Ten SEC teams in the bowls! That's got to be a record. How many wins will the conference get? Place your bets!