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Questions at Quarterback?

With recruiting over, I have to wonder if having too many QBs is a good thing or not?  My first reaction is you can not ever have enough of a good thing, but with a crowded head position where does that leave the fans?  Personally, I like having one guy and sticking with him until something happens.  Fans in general get upset when they think that someone better is on the bench waiting it out.  We all remember the non-Auburn like boos raining down on Todd last season.  Hell Kodi heard them too.  Let’s take a look at this issue further, shall we.


Kodi Burns, in my opinion should be the guy to lose the job.  He was not very good last season, but he gave us the best chance to win each game.  He has the arm and the legs to play in the spread, but his accuracy leaves something to be desired.  Should last year matter at all?  This is an entirely new staff, and game tapes will not do Kodi any favors I can tell you that.  If Kodi is coachable, I think he has the most upside.  He has played against the SEC and played in front of 90,000 folks.  That is not an easy task.


Chris Todd, will have to have a miraculous recovery from shoulder problems to even compete.  According to Tony Franklin, he knows the system and has the arm and decision making to run it.  I along with all of the fans in Jordan-Hare last season question the arm, and we know that he is too slow to have the legs to get out of trouble.


Barrett Trotter, this kid was reportedly going to be the savior of the spread at Auburn.  Tuberville questioned taking the redshirt off of him just for three or so games.  What a waste that would have been.  He ran the spread in High School, so he knows the system.  He has great mobility and even better arm strength.  So should he be our man?


Neil Caudle, is well Neil Caudle.  I do not think that he can stay healthy enough to even compete for the job.  Maybe he could move to WR and help us out there.


Clint Mosely, this kid has redshirt written all over him.  While he is phenomenal stats wise, there is some question as to the opponents that he played against.  He is from a small school (2A), which is another reason why his rival and scout ranking was not very good (2 and 3 Stars).  One note on his stats… a friend told me that he did not play in the fourth quarter but a handful of times all year.  He was Mr. Football of Alabama though, makes you wonder what his stats could have been if he had played full games.  Some seem to think that Mosely will end up playing another position, possibly WR.  I don’t see it; he has too much talent to move.  We will look at him this time next season.  For what it is worth, he was also the punter and place kicker for Leroy High.


Tyrik Rollison, this kid is the question mark.  I think that if any of the above kids can get it done, he redshirt and get bigger, stronger, smarter and faster.  Tyrik is a great talent, but the SEC game is quicker than anything that he has faced up to this point. 


I am all for getting the best players on the field, if that in turn means winning.  I am not one of these guys that is willing to blow a year of eligibility just to groom a guy.  If Mosely or Rollison are truly ready to compete on Saturdays then by all means keep them.  But if there is any question, redshirt them and have them for four more years.  Nobody wants to waste talent.  We have six guys that are good enough to be on scholarship here at Auburn.  Only one can start, and maybe one other play some minutes.  The rest have to wait their turns, let’s just hope that we will not lose one or two of them if they move down the depth chart.


My gut is telling me that Burns will be the opening day starter, and Trotter will be the back up.  Kodi being the runner that he is runs the risk of getting injured and Trotter will step in ready to go.


What are your thoughts?

War Damn Eagle