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Kiffin Finds Another Cheater


That other coach did it!!!

Fresh from the multiple allegations leveled at a smathering of other SEC coaches, it turns out that another team has been turned in by Vol coach Lame Kitten, who's new moniker is now required by law to be adapted by bloggers everywhere: the Tennessee Vols themselves!! Turns out that they self-reported two minor violations that both involved the simulation of a game-day environment, which is verboten under NCAA rules.

One infraction involved a mock press conference where a recruit practiced deferring questions to the head coach, ones like "shouldn't your dad be in charge" and "what about your hot wife?" The other infraction concerned a player running through the tunnel into the stadium through a smoke screen, a definite gameday-like scenario. No word if any mirrors were included with the smoke to explain Kiffin's gameplan this fall.

No punishments have been metered out yet, but a good idea might be to force Kiffin to listen to a few replays of his pressers to date.

Some think that the NCAA should consider some other prohibited gameday-like situations, some uniquely suited to the Vols. Joel over at Rocky Top Talk came up with these:

Pretending to be losing in The Swamp 59-20...

Practicing fumbling the ball inside the red and danger zones, especially at the goal line...

Piping in audio of Alabama fans singing "WEJUSTBEATTHEHELLOUTTAYOU!" in Neyland Stadium...

Yes, I think it's fair to say that a little crow for Kiffin to nibble on was included in the Welcome Basket for the SEC. Eat hearty, Lane!