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I don’t know if you have noticed or not but there is a new coaching staff at Auburn presiding over the football program.  I don’t just mean a new coaching staff, I really mean a new and changed coaching staff.  This group of men that Coach Chizik has brought to the Plains have really impressed me with what they have done up to this point. 


I was one of the many folks who was not happy with Tuberville getting fired or resigning, how ever you decide to look at it.  I like most of the things that he did, and I really liked how he turned our football players into great Auburn Men.  It is yet to be determined on whether Coach Chizik is going to do the same thing, but so far I am impressed more and more every day.


For a program that ESPN, CBS Sportsline, and others were reporting that it was a racist program for not hiring Turner Gill, we sure have loaded up on very talented black coaches.  It will not be Auburn’s fault should those guys not get head positions in the near future.  Chizik has made them part of a great staff, that is young and very talented.  Seems to me that ESPN, CBS Sportsline and others can kiss my Orange and Blue rear.  It shows that they will jump on whatever story they think can make a racial concern look worse than it actually is.


Taking a look at the new coaches, it seems that Chizik is allowing them to talk to reporters.  That is something that the old regime would not allow.  It could be because of the stupid babble that would come out of their mouths (see Tony Franklin).  But Tuberville was getting very good at “phoning in” is daily conferences as well.  He would tell us as fans absolutely nothing.  He would talk about hunting, fishing, and anything but what was really going on at Auburn.  I am not asking for day to day stuff, but give me something to hold on to.


This staff seems open to talking and letting the fan base know that settling is not an option.  Listen to some of the tidbits we are getting from the staff.


Chizik said Monday the Tigers are behind recruiting for 2010 because his new staff got such a late start recruiting for 2009. “Recruiting hasn't taken a backseat to anything…We'll be catching up for awhile.”  It is good news to me that he is looking at this program as a “long term” deal. 


Tracy Rocker is talking about his defensive line.  "Well, it's always the same stuff," Rocker said. "Weights, getting in better shape and it is just a matter of fighting through some of the nicks and bruises and teaching guys up front. When you play defensive line, you're going to get hurt and you're going to have to play hurt.”  It sounds to me like Rocker is not going to stand for just being a starter last season.  We did have some guys that would come off the field for a play or two when were really needed them last season.  He is demanding they every one play hard all the time.


Curtis Luper was talking about recruiting and how getting a number one recruiting class in the nation was a goal of his.  "If they're keeping the score, you want to win, right?"  That sounds like someone I want recruiting for me.  I cannot say I have ever heard a coach say that they cared about recruiting rankings before.  Unless the coaches school was already number one. 


Ted Roof in talking about his defensive philosophy…  “In this league, you don't trick people. You have to out-hit people.”  Sweet, need I say more.  I am looking for big things from our defense.  With a defensive minded head coach and Roof who could make Minnesota’s defense good… we should be fine, if we can stay healthy.


Now with a staff that seems to have the motivation skills ready to go.  Lets see if they can translate that motivational speak to actual production on the field.  Spring practice is to begin on March 24.  Personally I cannot wait, it seems so far away still.  But maybe then we can get to talk about X’s and O’s a bit.   I am ready to hear from Malzahn about what is going on with the offense.  Something tells me I will get very little of that, until close to the season opener. 

War Damn Eagle