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Oku Drama

Is it just me or does David Oku seem to be on the one way road to crazy town?  This kid is supposed to be a major talent.  Some "experts" think that he could become our third string back, just by walking on campus.  I am not so sure about that, but he at least would push Eric Smith and Onterio McCalebb to the limits.


I am all for a kid taking their time to get things together, no one wants them to make a mistake and attend a school that they are not in love with.  I know that I would rather him go to Syracuse, Tennessee or Ole Miss if that is where he can get the most playing time, and where his heart truly wants to go.  I would hate for him to come to Auburn and give us a taste of the Oku experience and him leave (like Brandon Jacobs). 


The latest is that he is moving to Lincoln, Nebraska… not to go to school mind you, but to be with a girl.  Don’t get me wrong, when I was in my teens, girls were my main focus as well, but I was not quite possibly the best RB in the nation.  It sounds to me like Mister Oku is not thinking clearly (most PC way to put it).  If Nebraska is where he wants to play football that is fine with me.  If he is going to Nebraska to be with a woman, that is just plain ridiculous.  What is going to happen if they break up?  Is he going to be like every other heart broken boy, and run away from the situation?  If he comes to Auburn or any of the other schools on his list, is he always going to wonder "what might have been" with the unnamed girl?  I have one word for you CRAZY… girls can sure make you do CRAZY things.


At least he has a since of humor about it, he says, "Go ahead can write a story about it. I'm not releasing any more information about that… and… They didn't buy me a house."

He seems to know that what he has done is a little nuts, and he is toying with the reporters. 


Personally I think that he is just grandstanding a bit now, Terrell Prior held out last season due to his love of playing basketball.  He did not announce that he was going to Ohio State until his basketball season was over.  Oku is doing nothing right now, other than packing his belongings for Nebraska.  Maybe Auburn should back off this kid, I am not sure he is the right fit for Auburn. 


I felt the same way about the waffling of Raymond Cotton, and will feel the same way with any kid who is not sure that Auburn is the place for them.  If you are an Auburn person, it is obvious.  You love it with all your heart; it is the sort of place that has the effect on you.  Most of the folks reading this know exactly what I am talking about. 


War Damn Eagle