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Auburn-Florida Friday Night Open Thread


 Remember what we told you about this picture?


Tonight at 8:45 CST, Auburn will play Florida for what most roundball experts agree will be an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament for the winner. This game is of almost unimaginable importance for the team. Coach Lebo has worked a minor miracle this season, getting the team firing on all cylinders just when it mattered most.

Auburn's last NCAA appearance was in 2003, and is one of only eight visits the Tigers have made to the Big Dance. Our best run was in 1986, when we made it to the Elite Eight before losing to eventual champion Lousiville. We've only won two regular SEC basketball crowns, 1960 and 1999, and tallied a single SEC tournament championship, in 1985.

Tonight's matchup will be between arguably the best offense in the league, Florida, against the best defense, Auburn. At 6:30 CST, you'll get to see who the winner of our game will play next, between Alabama and Tennessee. We played Florida once this season, losing 68-65 at home, but few would argue that the current team even remotely resembles the mid-season team that previously faced the Gators.

So drop in and let's cheer the Tigers on to a huge victory tonight. I'll be checking in, but unlike Acid Reign, I can't type and watch TV all at the same time. Especially with gum in my mouth...