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TET Now Has Group on Facebook



Just in time for the new millenium, Track Em Tigers has now added their own group to Facebook this week and we're almost up to 50 members immediately, so please visit the site and join up if you're a TET regular.

If you're resistant to joining Facebook, so was I until about three weeks ago, but know that it's a great way to spy on and bug your friends and reconnect with people who you totally put out of your memory misery a long time ago. Honestly, I'm surprised I have so many new Facebook friends because I don't actually know that many people in real life.

I made a quick check and there is a group called Roll Bama Roll, so I assume they're affiliated with the Big Sister blog of the same name. They only have 237 members, so let's see if we can pass them quickly, you know, because Auburn always has to compare itself to Alabama. That and we don't want them hanging up a Facebook national championship banner up or something...

You guys leave us a comment here if our membership drive is successful with you.