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TET Meet-Up at A-Day Game Sort of Planned

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 Will somebody PLEASE explain to me how the scoring at A-Day works?


I'm pretty confident that the staff here at TET is going to try our best to assemble for A-Day on April 18th, so we can take notes on the team and sample a few of the Plains' best watering holes and basically try to worm out of Acid Reign how he remembers so damn much info 20 years after the fact. Since A-Day is not your typical game day, where family and friend loyalties usually dictate when and where you'll be tailgating, we think it might be a good time to try and have a little blog function for those of you out there who might want to meet up.

Yea, I know, I certainly threatened to come down for one of those last dozen or so basketball games, but this is the real deal. Football season is upon us, and we need to get prepared! So give us a quick head count of who might be interested in meeting up. Jay and Zach will be signing autographs and Acid and I will do magic tricks and balloon animals for the kids.

Maybe it'll be good for the staff to get together and try to get on the same page for covering the new team for the fall. I know a lot of you are suffering from PTSD (Post Tuberville Season Disaster) and want to get fired up for the next one, and we here at TET owe you a good blog this fall. It's been slow ever since NSD, and we Barners can't subside on basketball alone. After getting rejuvenated during A-Day, there's something I will want to promise to the TET readers:

We here at Track Em were hoping for an undefeated blog, something that we've never done online. I'm sorry, Auburn Nation, but a lot of good will come out of this. You will never see any blogger in the entire blogosphere blog as hard as I will blog for the rest of this year, and push the blog team as hard as I will push, and blog, blog, blog.

No bloggers will compare Auburn as aptly to Alabama as well as I will, nor create as amusing polls as I will. Nor will they come up with funny top 10 lists about Alabama and accuse them of living in the past and loving the Bear as hard as I will. I will never fail to libel their 12 National Championships in a semi-respectful way, nor will any other blogger take reconnaissance missions to Roll Bama Roll like I do and take their vitriol. This I promise! War Eagle!


So that's how I feel. If any of you want to, you can get that quote laminated at the AU Bookstore and post it on a wall outside Jordan-Hare. Sort of like this:


But definitely NOT like this:



And lastly, with the sad news last week that former Auburn standout Harold Hallman's SEC championship ring was sold on eBay, comes news that another piece of Auburn memorbilia is going on the block: Tubs' house on Lake Martin. Otherwise known as The House that Jimmy Sexton Built.