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General Thoughts, Week One


Now that NCAA basketball is in its final week and spring practice has finally gotten started, we can shift our focus back to Auburn Football.  I can hear everyone’s applause from here. 

I was shocked to hear that Coach Malzahn named Trotter the starter for the 2009 Season on Tuesday.  "Trotter looked so much better than either Burns or Caudle... he is our man.  Looking at all his skills he is just that much better. Kodi Burns has a better body of work, but Trotter will put us in the best position to win, now."  Ha, had you going there didn't I?  It is April 1, so you know that I had to throw the April Fools at you guys early in the post. 


Now on to the real post.  With a week of practice behind the Tigers, I must say that I am pleased with the reports from players as well as coaches.  I have grown used to the Tuberville way, which was say very little other than some, "X player did this well, or X player did that well."  It is nice to have some sort of an idea of what the players are actually doing.


Hearing Coach Malzahn say that the players are responding to the quicker pace of practice is a great thing to hear.  Also having him talk about the linemen putting their weight back on, that Franklin made them lose last season is a welcomed theme.  Maybe Ziemba and the boys will be able to pass block and still be able to blow defenders off the ball like their freshman season. 


Hearing Coach Roof say that Freeman is coming along nicely, and that Craig Stevens is going to be a leader on that side of the ball is great.  Also to have new coaches and new systems and the players still getting praised for being the correct positions this early in the spring is a good sign.  I think that 11-11 drills on Saturday (first day of pads) went well, at least to here Chizik tell it. 


Seeing the video that Jay posted with Trooper working with the Receivers gave me hope.  The boys look focused, and it is only the first week.  I guess they got tired of the up-downs when they would false start.  In another video, watching the offense line preparing of the next play, as soon a Trotter released the pass on the current one was amazing.  I guess Auburn is really going to attempt to speed things up. 


Now to the players’ side… has anyone noticed how on the videos that Jay has posted, as well as the ones that Charles Goldberg has posted, that the players seem to be relaxed and having fun?  I know that Coach Chizik has some (much publicized) rules about wearing cleats in the sports complex, and having on hats indoors, among others.  I think that is a good thing… my coaches had some pretty interesting rules when I was in sports as well.  I turned out a better man for it (at least I think so).  I digress… these kids look like they are loving football again.  Player interviews last season just seemed so doom and gloom.  No one was able to talk about Franklin’s offense.  Now after seeing it on the field we know why… no one knew it well enough to talk about it.  The Ben Tate video linked here made me smile… that kid is relaxed.  You can see it.  He is laughing and having fun.  Tell me one video you saw last season of a player doing that.  Even before the "season of hell" started.  Barrett Trotter even got some face time, and said all the right things.


Maybe it is just me being optimistic… but I see a team that is really trying to stay relaxed, and focus on what is important right now, which is learning a new offense and getting used to new coaches.  All the players seem really excited, and that makes me excited.


War Damn Eagle