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Thank You, and a Rant



I would personally like to think Coach Fortner and Coach Lebo for getting me through the Auburn Football Dead Period.  This past couple of months has been big fun.  I am looking forward to another few weeks of fun. 


It has been pure joy following the women’s team and how well they have played all year.  I do hate that they lost to Vandy (again), this time in the SEC Tourney.  I was looking forward to Auburn as a number one seed in the Tournament.  I guess I will have to settle for the two seed. 


The men have been fun to follow over the last month or so.  I will happily admit that I have never been the best Auburn Fan when it comes to AU Basketball.  While I was a student, I did not miss a home game.  But when life gets in the way and the program is down, like it has been for so long… it is just hard.  I try to watch when they are on TV even when I know they are going to lose, that has to count for something.  Auburn has been so much fun lately.  They play with such heart… they are not the most talented bunch… but they play together.  They play for their coach and their school.  It is great to see.


Now to the complaining, you knew that it was coming.  I am a complainer.  Why in the world would Auburn University talk about Beard Eaves being close to sold out for the LSU game?  There were tons of seats remaining.  I live in Atlanta, a fairly close drive to Auburn (even in this economy).  I have no issue making the trip seven times a year to watch the football team, why not make the trip for the basketball showdown vs. LSU?  Well after some research, I read that there were only about 1000 tickets left and they were going fast (this was on Wednesday).  I passed on the trip, due to the fan support that had already been shown.  Yet as I watched every second of the game on TV… it seemed the place was about half full.  I was very disappointed in myself for believing the media, and disappointed in Auburn for allowing me to fall into that media trap.  While it was quite loud at times, it should have been deafening.


I have been there when Beard Eaves was sold out for a Kentucky game in 1995 or 1996.  It was loud, and the fans carried our Tigers at times.  This year’s team deserved a great turnout for Senior Day, and while it was the best turnout of the season… it should have at least had two more people there.  I should have been there.


Next Complaint… if I hear another ESPN or CBS commentator say that Auburn is not on the bubble I might vomit.  Not saying that we are questionable is one thing, but saying that we are not even on the bubble is another.   Most bracketologist have South Carolina and/or Florida in.  I personally think that the matchup with Florida in the second round of the SEC will be the play in game.  If the Tigers win, we should be in.  No denying it.  If we lose Florida will get the nod over us.  The Gamecocks got killed by Tennessee on Wednesday Night, and Tennessee got beat by Bama on Saturday.  USC has a strength of schedule that is worse then ours as well as a worse record against RPI top 50.  I know, I know… Auburn’s RPI is bad.  Yes, but it is getting better.  Northern Iowa (whom we lost to) is in the Dance after winning their conference tourney.  Dayton is more than likely in as well (we lost to them too).  Our win against Virginia is looking better as well.  They finished the regular season strong in the ACC.  Do we deserve it over a 26 win Creighton Team or a 25 win Siena?  Man that is a hard sell, but we at least deserve a mention.


You know what I think?  The SEC Tournament starts in earnest on Thursday… Auburn should win the Tourney and tell the commentators to “Shut the Hell Up!!”


War Damn Eagle