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Barnhart Bullish on the Barn

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 Would you want to bet against Mean Gene?

In case you missed it, Mr. College Football, Tony Barnhart of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, scribbled  a few lines about Auburn on his blog  yesterday. Always fair to Tiger fans, Tony's overall opinion seems to be that Chizik has laid down a solid coaching foundation for everything to fall into place in the next year or two. Among his points:

  • Although he took a beating at Iowa State, the learning curve is going to pay dividends now that he has more to work with.
  • Malzahn and Roof are exactly the right coordinators we need.
  • The recruiting skill of this coaching staff will stand a strong chance of competing with the best of the SEC
  • Next year's recruiting class will be the litmus test as to if the Chizik Experiment can be successful.

Check it out and see what you think!