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Questions Loom in Auburn


With A-Day coming up on Saturday, you would think that we would have better things to talk about then whether Curtis Luper’s “father figure” is recruiting for the Tigers.  If you are unaware of the story you can get your enjoyment HERE.  Is it just me or are some folks trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill?  To be fair, if it were Alabama and Saban doing this, I might ask questions as well.


In player news, can anyone tell me what is up with Gabe McKenzie?  He is listed as out for injury, but no one is talking about his injury, and no one has seen him at any practice or team meeting.  The same sort of thing is going on with Montez Billings.  There is bound to be some sort of Brad Lester-ness going on here. 


Mike McNeil is at least out for the spring.  When players are reported as saying while in the pile, we hear Mike yelling, “It is my leg!!!!”  That can never be a good thing.  I am going to guess that it is broken and count him out indefinitely.  Good thing that Savage is going to be back, although he is still not taking any contact.


We should have an answer to some of the Quarterback questions at some point today.  With the late afternoon practice yesterday, look for Malzahn to give us some insight into his thinking on which two guys will battle it out.


Rumors are making the rounds that Super Mario is again hitting the slot receiver spot.  I am not sure that is a good thing, when Auburn also has Tommy Trott listed there.  Let Mario, Tate and or McCalebb come out of the backfield and make the catch.   With the speed that we will have at receiver, the opposing safeties and cornerbacks will have to respect us deep.   Assuming out receivers can run good routes and get the ball.  Speaking of receivers, we might actually have some this season.  With Harry Adams moving back to the offensive side of the ball there is some crazy speed out wide.  The previously mentioned Billings, as well as Hawthorne and Zachery, our receivers should at least have experience.  The question still remains whether we can hit them in stride or not.  I don’t have any news on Pierre-Louis, but I am sure he will be back by summer practice time.  Normally this would be the part where I complain about coaching, but with Trooper on the scene… I think that we are fine at WR.  In the past we could not get off the ball, or run good routes.  I think that Taylor is going to change that. 


I am ready to get some of our summer kids in.  I ready to see what Benton and Blake can do at Receiver, as well as what Tyrik Rollison can do at Quarterback (assuming he qualifies).  Two of the three will more than likely redshirt, but who knows.  Stranger things have happened.


EDIT TO ADD:  That Charles Goldberg is quoting Chizik as saying that Caudle and Burns are the front runners and will get most of the snaps at QB during A-Day.  Read it here


War Damn Eagle