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Jacobs at it Again

Well according to this story, Jay Jacobs would rather us have a cupcake schedule than a chance to beat a big name school.  UCLA was going to travel to the Georgia Dome to open the season in 2010.  What is the issue?  Jay Jacobs would not agree to it.  I swear.  ESPN/ABC was going to pay us $500,000 to play in the game.  But instead we have to pay some podunk school like Arky State, or UT-Chatt to come and play us, just so we get 8 home games. 

I am ashamed.  I know that we play Clemson that year... great.  Maybe we will be loaded.  We should have a senior QB that is experienced.  I guess it would be too much to ask to have a loaded schedule and win all the games.  Alabama has no issue with playing a big game.  Hell, they did it last year, and put themselves back on the map (by beating Clemson).  They are doing it again this season against the Hokies.  Good lord.  The more I think about this the more frusterated I get.

All I can think is that Jacobs is a wuss.  Why would we turn down the national exposure?  No wonder the entire country thinks that the SEC schedules too many cupcakes.  I would guess that the PAC 10 is laughing its collective heads off.