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Slow News Day


Nothing to report on today, something tells me that it will be this way for a while.  I am sure that most of you have seen this.  Let me say that during my recruitment for basketball years ago, if any school would have pulled up in that or this.  I would have just about died from embarrassment.  How ridiculous is this?  Wow.  I could see Kiffykins (Kiffin) pulling this crap, but Chizik?  Ok enough of me blowing this out of proportion... it seems like the recruits are loving it.  Although the coaches cannot talk to the players themselves, it appears that they entire school knows that Auburn has shown up.  Really? I am shocked that this is working.


On another note, being in Atlanta and reading the AJC (on occasion) I must point out that Terence Moore has written his last column for the AJC.  While I never really liked his pieces, I think that it is sad that the papers are dying.  I have no idea what his new endouvers are, I would assume a blog since blogging is the newest fad.  I just hope and pray that he does not make more appearaces on The Sports Reporters on ESPN.  He is terrible at that too.


Did anyone see the AJC on Tuesday?  It appears they are really tanking quickly.  They are trying to make it look more like the USA Today.  Not only that, but it was tiny.  The Dallas New Era is bigger.  Not the Dallas, Texas paper… the Dallas, Georgia paper.  I guess some of my coworkers are going to have to start taking their iPhones/Crackberries into the john with them.