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1st and Five: Games I'd Like to See Us Schedule Soon




Face it. With Jay Jacobs as AD, there are no gimmes. With the recent beat-down we've taken over his failure to secure UCLA next season, I guess we're left with nothing but a wish list for some strong OOC scheduling. And what a better topic for one of these threads. Simple enough. Give me your Top 5 games you'd like to see us schedule, either as a series or as a neutral site game. Par moi:


1) Miami: Call it payback for getting hosed by them in the final 1983 polls for the national championship. And because that wimpy Kickoff Classic matchup in August of 1984 didn't really settle anything, the convicts have been number one on my list for decades. Because they really have never had a serious rivalry with any team in the SEC. Because they were always tooo scared to join the SEC. Get a series with them! Jordan-Hare and wherever they play their home games now. We'll travel first!

2) Notre Dame: Come on! Aren't they on everyone's Christmas list? It's probably no coincidence that the two teams in CFB that I actually HATE are the first two on this dream schedule. Perhaps I'm just an equal opportunity offender, or I put my schedule where my mouth is. I know that the other team from Alabama couldn't beat 'em. or at least the Bear couldn't. Why not us? Since they don't want to ever play the quality teams from their own backyard (Ohio State, 5 times in 122 years, Michigan, less times than they've played Georgia Tech), why not give another team from the SEC a shot? Worked for the Vols a few years ago. Maybe Urban Meyer will remember us when he takes the reigns up there...

3) Southern Cal: Yes, again. Until we get it right. Home and home. We'll start out there again. Should have gotten our payback in Miami in January 2005. I'll even listen to them play Fight On 800 times in a single game again. Hey, I had to sit in front of them in the 1987 Citrus Bowl, so that's no small feat. These guys have had tooo easy a time on their last few trips east. I give them their props though. Under Pete Carroll, they'll play anyone, any where, and they're not too demanding on the terms. I bet they'd play us again. This should be Jacobs' first call.

4) Texas A+M: I don't really like these guys, and no, it has nothing to do with Jimmy Sexton making up those rumors that Tubs was heading to College Station a year ago. Nor does it have to do with that beating they put on us in the Cotton Bowl in Bo Jackson's last game as a Tiger. It has to do with the creepy fixation and obsession that they have with main rival Texas. Maybe it reminds me of what Auburn might look like with Alabama had we not been able to hold our own in the all-time series. Texas has owned A+M over the decades, and the Aggies are pretty sore about it. Let's play them in a preseason game in the Sugar Bowl. That venue would keep the crowd around a 50-50 split!

5) Oregon: I really like the Ducks and their program, and I've never been to Oregon, so it might make a good road trip. Especially to Autzen stadium, where despite it's size, is supposed to get really loud. That and we just don't play enough PAC-10 teams in my opinion. Who do we think we are, Tennessee? Actually, as I've said on here many times, I've really liked the pipeline that the PAC-10 and SEC has had going on this decade. And since we've already played two teams from that conference in the last 5 years, let's keep it going. I could easily substitute Cal or Washington in there as well.


Let's hear yours!!!