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Still Wanted: Auburn and Alabama Fans Who Attended the Other School



I put the word out last week in the Fanpost section of both TET and RBR, but have only recieved two responses. I'd like to get more, so if you know anyone, email them this link so hopefully they can participate. Otherwise, I might have to scrap the whole idea.

For a future thread, I'd like to get the stories of born and raised Auburn fans who actually went to school at UA, either for a short interval or for the whole ride. It doesn't matter if it was 40 years ago or last week. I'd like to hear about the challenges you felt when you 'came out of the closet', either on game day or every day, and find how how difficult it was for you to cross that 'matriculation' line in the sand, and how it factored into your relationships with family and friends.  I'm soliciting the inverse over at Roll Bama Roll.

Send your contributions to my email: You can remain anonymous, or I can credit you for any stories that I may use. In the spirit of detente, this will not be a partisan thread and no information obtained from you will be used to belittle you or your university, nor will any information be used to bolster one side and/or discredit the other. I will also allow the posting of this thread on RBR if they agree.

Please be honest and very detailed. I reserve the right to question you about your collegiate career, including the drawing of detailed maps around campus!