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Recession? It Does Not Appear So

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Well the news came out to the base salary of our head coach.  Coach Gene Chizik will make at least 1.9 million dollars this season.  He has quite a few ways to get bonuses, including on and off field achievements.  I do like the bonus for academic achievements.  I think that most schools should try that strategy to get coaches to want the kids to do well, not just stay eligible. 

$1.9 Million... that got me thinking.  How does that compare to other coaches in the SEC.  Well, here you go.

Nick Saban                   $3,900,000

Les Miles                      $3,750,000

Urban Myer                   $3,490,000

Bobby Petrino              $2,850,000

Mark Richt                     $2,800,000

Houston Nutt                $2,500,000

Lane Kiffin                     $2,000,000

Gene Chizik                  $1,900,000

Steve Spurrier               $1,800,000

Dan Mullen                    $1,200,000

Rich Brooks                  $1,075,000

Bobby Johnson            $1,000,000 (reportedly)

Looking at the list I think that Auburn has done just fine.  The Tigers are middle of the road in salary, and giving Chizik room to grow with the program.  Was Nick Saban worth $3.9M year one?  In a word, Nope.  Worth it year two?  Closer, but still Nope.  How about "The Hat" at $3.75M?  Maybe... he has won National Championships.  Urban?  Maybe as well for the same reason.  But I have a hard time paying anyone that kind of money to coach kids.  What about Kiffin?  That dude is making $2M, and making the Vols look like crap on the national media.  Oh well, to each their own.

I think that it says something that Chizik came to Auburn and started the recruiting process and even made headlines doing so, without a contract in place.  I know that it is more commonplace now, but I at least like the fact the Chizik wanted the Auburn job.  He could negotiate the terms later.  I think that he truly wanted to return to the Plains.

For what it is worth, Anthony Grant the new basketball coach at Bama makes ($1.83 Million) almost the same as Coach Chizik.  Wow, that is a great gig... if you can get it.

War Damn High Salaries