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Recession? It Does Not Appear So



Well the news came out to the base salary of our head coach.  Coach Gene Chizik will make at least 1.9 million dollars this season.  He has quite a few ways to get bonuses, including on and off field achievements.  I do like the bonus for academic achievements.  I think that most schools should try that strategy to get coaches to want the kids to do well, not just stay eligible. 

$1.9 Million... that got me thinking.  How does that compare to other coaches in the SEC.  Well, here you go.

Nick Saban                   $3,900,000

Les Miles                      $3,750,000

Urban Myer                   $3,490,000

Bobby Petrino              $2,850,000

Mark Richt                     $2,800,000

Houston Nutt                $2,500,000

Lane Kiffin                     $2,000,000

Gene Chizik                  $1,900,000

Steve Spurrier               $1,800,000

Dan Mullen                    $1,200,000

Rich Brooks                  $1,075,000

Bobby Johnson            $1,000,000 (reportedly)

Looking at the list I think that Auburn has done just fine.  The Tigers are middle of the road in salary, and giving Chizik room to grow with the program.  Was Nick Saban worth $3.9M year one?  In a word, Nope.  Worth it year two?  Closer, but still Nope.  How about "The Hat" at $3.75M?  Maybe... he has won National Championships.  Urban?  Maybe as well for the same reason.  But I have a hard time paying anyone that kind of money to coach kids.  What about Kiffin?  That dude is making $2M, and making the Vols look like crap on the national media.  Oh well, to each their own.

I think that it says something that Chizik came to Auburn and started the recruiting process and even made headlines doing so, without a contract in place.  I know that it is more commonplace now, but I at least like the fact the Chizik wanted the Auburn job.  He could negotiate the terms later.  I think that he truly wanted to return to the Plains.

For what it is worth, Anthony Grant the new basketball coach at Bama makes ($1.83 Million) almost the same as Coach Chizik.  Wow, that is a great gig... if you can get it.

War Damn High Salaries