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Ups and Downs

Hopefully WEA will not mind,  I am posting a bit early to bring you some breaking news... 

The ups and downs of College Football at Auburn is upon us.  Aarion Savage is out for the season, and maybe his career with a torn Achilles Tendon.  There is nothing like having a good leader off the playing field two years in a row.  This will not help our defensive backs situation at all.  In fact, this is a killer blow.  Another young buck is going to have to step up.


On the flip side of that, Auburn picked up another good recruit today in Jessel Curry.  I am sure that you have heard of this kid… he is the one that was committed to West Virginia and de-committed after attending the "Big Cat." He is a FB in High School, but will be a line backer here on the Plains.  He is listed as a 3 star on Rivals, but again that is not as a LB.  I don’t take much stock in the star rankings anyhow. 


Michael Dyer should be in the AU Camp by the end of the month.  He is preaching Auburn to anyone who will listen.  Apparently Dakota Mosley is listening.  He is a teammate of Dyer and will be an Offensive Lineman.  Lord knows we need all the help we can get up front.  There is nothing waiting in the wings should the starters go down. 

War Damn Eagle