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Finally, Recruits at Auburn

Well, well, well… there just might be a Quarterback race on the Plains.  It is about time the NCAA has cleared Tyrik Rollison.  Rumor has it he is already at Auburn.  That would mean he could enroll for the summer mini-mester and start working out with the team.  What good news for Auburn, but not so good news for Kodi, Chris, and Neil.  Personally I still think that he will redshirt and Kodi be the starter.  Time will tell.


In other news, the recruiting is still paying dividends.  Jonathon Mincy a CB out of Georgia has committed to the Tigers.  Currently, he ranks in the Top 50 CBs in the nation.  Hopefully he moves up the charts his senior year.   


Did anyone else see that Seastrunk missed his summer camp trip to Austin?  I think that is quite funny.  Texas has thought that Seastrunk is a sleeper for them.  I have a buddy who keeps telling me over and over that Lache is a Longhorn, and not to believe all the Auburn hype.  Well, I beg to differ… and he is in summer school in attempt to graduate in December so he can enroll early.  Come on boy, just commit for heavens sake.


Speaking of committing… what is this garbage with Dyer looking at the Irish?  The only reason to play up there is to get some NBC playing time.  That program is and will remain in shambles.  Auburn at least appears to have an upside.


That’s all today…


War Damn Eagle