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Recruiting Thoughts


If you are reading anything about Auburn right now in the news it is someone’s point of view on the video that is circulating around of our "violations."  Rolling Toomer’s Corner might be a violation, but the players do not actually participate in that.  Where is the violation?  There is a rule that Auburn University and its staff cannot "hype" a potential player by letting the public know they are visiting, but did the staff do that… or did the bloggers and sports writers do it?  Something tells me that Auburn had something to do with it when the time was posted on when Toomer’s would be rolled.


Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is great that Coach Chizik and his staff are willing to push the envelope so that we can actually get some recruits to visit.  Auburn sells itself we know that, the issue in my mind is getting the recruits here in the first place.  I just do not want to get into a "gray area" and have the NCAA constantly looking at Auburn like they are seemingly to be watching Alabama.   


I know that we are talking about minor issues… but they are issues nevertheless.  We have not had the NCAA looking at our Football program in a while.  What are your thoughts on it? 


War Damn Eagle