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1,000,000 Facebook College Football Fan Pages





While working on another thread, and being a member of one of those ever-popular 1,000,000,000 fans of a given CFB team, I decided to do a quick search on Facebook to see which teams might be closer to that lofty uno mil, mil goal that each team sets for themselves. A smathering of teams from far and wide and their members as of yesterday.

Michigan State: 34,447

Tennessee: 29,349

Michigan: 29,141

Ohio State: 27,743

LSU: 24,154

Alabama: 23,806

Florida: 22,763

Oklahoma: 20,477

Florida State: 14,928

Auburn: 14,551

Texas: 13,602

Georgia: 12,200

Notre Dame: 3804

GA Tech: 3028

Miami: 2331

USC: 1837

Clemson: 1727