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SB Nation and Its Fans

I am a football guy… I love it, and I really like the fact that 95% of Track em Tigers post are about football.  But, I am going to use my "editorial powers" to do something that I never thought I would do.  I am sure it is because of the "off season" and it may get me removed from my "editorial duties" all together, but I hope not. 

I do not know how many SB Nation sites you folks visit.  I only look at a few (Team Speed Kills, Dawg Sports, and the Valley Shook, and lastly RollBamaRoll).   I will be the first to admit, that while I look at the sites, I do not frequent any of them, I go just to check out the latest.  I tend to only check out the Auburn sites around the web and there are enough of them to keep me busy.  Some of the SB Nation sites are better than others, and I am sure that TET rates someplace in the middle of pack.  Although Jay, WEA, Acid, and I want TET to be the best, we are not quite there yet.  We are not the biggest by any stretch, but we have a faithful following and we greatly appreciate your reading and commenting on the site.

Now to the heart of the matter, RollBamaRoll (RBR) has gotten to me.  It pains me to say that I let anything Alabama get to me, but they did this time.  I really do try to be the bigger person and not worry about what other fan bases do.  We as Auburn fans can only take care of Auburn, right?  Most Alabama fans will tell you that Auburn people worry about Alabama way to much anyways.  I am not one of those people; I do not worry about Alabama at all.  Don’t misunderstand me, I want to beat the Tide at every thing all the time, but I do not worry about them.  I typically do not call Alabama fans "Bammers," nor do I call myself a "Barner."  I think that both of those names are stupid, and are classless.  Under full disclosure I will let it be known that I have used that word (Bammer) on rare occasions and as a matter of fact, I used it this morning in a RBR post.  You can bet if Bammer comes out of my mouth (or typed) something has irritated me.

In a fan post on RBR about "Operation Red Dog," I lost my cool.  I hopefully did not show it too badly.  I want to apologize to my readers here on TET if they might have read it, and I am definitely not trying in increase traffic on RBR.  It was nothing big, but it shows that I have a differing opinion on rumors, and how the press (including us bloggers) handles them.

A bit of back-story, I went over to the site to see the compilation that was put up regarding the rumors of Auburn fans drumming up crap and trying to pin NCAA Violations on Alabama for things that were not done.  Despicable work, if true… but I called it BS.  Here is the post

"I have heard bits and pieces of this, but you guys have covered it well. I am calling BS, but I am sure that most Auburn People would. If it were you guys I am sure you would feel the same. If it comes out that this is real, I am sure most Auburn People will be ashamed, and want to kick the people behind these actions in the a$$.

Thanks for wrapping this up in a nutshell, but like most things NCAA infractions related, I doubt this is real."

During that small exchange (I only posted 4 or 5 times) it always came back to a couple of members and authors ripping away on Jay or WEA.  I will not go so far as to post all of that crap, but it is obvious that some of the folks at on that site think that TET drums up any dirt, no matter the source and posts it here.  The exchange also got me thinking about "fans" and cross SB Nation posting.  I like the fact that anyone can join any fan site.  I also like the fact that rivals can talk a little smack should they want to, but bashing someone for reading a story, posting about how they liked the coverage of the event, and then giving their opinion?  I don’t get it.    

I do not expect all Auburn fans to act alike, or Alabama fan to for that matter.  But what happened to the decent fans.  Maybe I am blowing this out of proportion but maybe we at TET can at the very least take an active role in being better fans. We all have fans that we wish we did not have.  You the ones I am talking about.  But in my case, I was trying to read and comment as a fan, but I guess some folks cannot take a "Barner" being a good "fan" and posting on "their" site without a beat down or bashing of our editors.  I say enough… they can say or do whatever they want.  They can hate me because I am an Auburn Fan if they want to, I am over it… but all the WEA and Jay bashing is just sad. 

Could it be that Bama Fans have developed a complex?  Could it be because they seem to get into trouble more than any other school?  Is it because they were so good for so long and had to endure the falling of the program?   Or is it because they were "back" for the third time in the last five or so years and they have some penned up frustrations.  I guess my Auburn educated mind just does not understand it… I guess it is an "Alabama thang and I would not understand."

For the folks who frequent the site in question, have fun over there… I am not interested.  If I want to see to all the Bama propaganda, I will open up the Birmingham News.  Who knows, maybe I will pop in Iron Bowl time.  I always like the banter back and forth that week.  Even if we are supposed to and do get blown out. 

War Damn Eagle