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No Love From the Writers


Wow... what  an I say, I am somewhat shocked  Auburn is predicted to finish no better than fourth in the west.  Not in the SEC but in the West!  I am not expecting to win it, but to be fourth?  I guess that is what happens when you suck it up in the previous season as well as have an all new coaching staff.  


Ole Miss is still a surprise to me.  I cannot see them being able to beat LSU, Bama, and us all in the same season.  Houston Nutt is going to get the best out of his players, but can these guys build off the great bowl win over Texas Tech?  Are they ready to be "winners?"


LSU is much like Auburn... except they did not totally suck.  They only partially laid an egg.  With a QB race solved, the massive talent on campus, and "The Hat" (as bad as it pains me to say).  LSU could be back and ready to totally forget the 8-5 of last season.


What is interesting to me is that Bama (last years west champion) is only predicted to finish first in one publication. They are going to be loaded yet again, but they have QB and offensive line questions.  We as Tigers no exactly what that is like.  The Tide is not thin on the offensive line, they are just not experienced.  It is going to be a tall order to pull out the west with a green O-Line and QB.  


Arkansas is in front of us in all the publications except the Sporting News (which we all know loves Auburn, and that is shocking to me.  While Ryan Mallett is going to make the Piggies more consistent, I am not ready to say that they will finish ahead of Auburn. Maybe I am drinking the Kool-Aide a bit, but will Petrino have the same fire to beat the Tigers with Tuberville gone?  



Here is how it is broken down:


Athlon: Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State

Lindy’s: LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State

Phil Steele: Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State

Sporting News: Ole Miss, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Mississippi State

The Kickoff: LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State 


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