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What... Pay to Tailgate?


Well, if you are an Auburn fan or student and are used to the wonderful art of tailgating you might want to read up on some of the changes taking place on The Plains.  Charles Goldberg wrote about it on his blog, as well as the story making its way across the email circuit.  There is even a Facebook group dedicated to it.  After the uproar I am hearing from fans, I bet we see an email from Jay Jacobs in the near future.


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for entrepreneurs, but this is pretty ridiculous.  It is a great idea just not at Auburn... why couldn't have these two 17 year olds done this someplace else... like Ole Miss.  Let them sell out the grove and see what happens.  Oh well, I guess Auburn is "selling out" and making it all about making more money with little regard to tradition.  


In its current form, the "tailgating" area will not affect the location that we have used for the past few years.  Of course we had to move to our new local because the University needed a new building in our old spot.  Something tells me that next season the area will be expanded and take over "our" spot.  That will truly be a shame.  We have gotten to know all the people who tailgate around us and have a great time hanging out with them.  Too bad that making more money is killing part of the Auburn Experience.


Don’t think that it is just "old guys" like me that missing out.  Think about all the young children that run up and down the tailgating areas throwing footballs and playing games.  Some of my favorite memories of tailgating at Auburn is when I was a youngster and being able to do that with my family and friends.  Something tells me that with the "pay to tailgate" areas there will be no room for all that fun to be had. 


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