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Place Your Bets: Teams Most Likely To Commit Major Infractions




Ray Melick of the Birmingham News commented recently on an online sports betting site that is now giving odds on who's the most likely program to get hit next with major NCAA rules violations. Relax, Alabama. You're not at the top of the list, but you did make it. And chill, Auburn. Despite being #3 all-time in major infractions, you didn't even make the top 25. Speaking on behalf of the Auburn nation, let me be the first to demand a recount.

Actually, USC tops the list at 8-1 odds. With the recent troubles with O.J. Mayo and the long-simmering Reggie Bush Incident (RBI), the Trojans are the hands-down favorites in this category. Evidently, the odds must extend to a program as a whole with any sport, not just football. The top ten:

1) USC 8-1

2) Ohio State 10-1

3) Florida 10-1

4) Memphis 10-1

5) Ole Miss 10-1

6) North Carolina 10-1

7) Conneticut 12-1

8) Michigan State 12-1

9) Florida State 12-1

10) Alabama 13-1

Somebody brave go to the website that is mentioned in the link and chase down the top 25. I'm too skerred to go to a gambling website myself. We can only assume that active investigations are already calculated into the equation.

Perhaps a good sucker's bet might be Tennessee, which has 14-1 odds, but remember, this list is for major violations only. Fortunately, Lane Kiffin seems to not only be making new friends and influencing people, but only racking up minor violations thus far.