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Still Questions

Well after the much talked about first scrimmage for our Tigers here is what we know… very, very little.  Yesterday, Trooper said that T-Zach and Darvin Adams are ready now.  From what I hear Benton is as well.  It really seems to me that the AU Staff is really trying to keep Benton grounded.  He might end up being a superstar but maybe the staff can keep him low key… at least for a while.  After all he is a 21 year old freshman.


Quarterback.  Evan Woodberry has really got me thinking that he is on to something.  All we have heard is that this scrimmage is going to go a long way to helping the staff name a starter.  Kodi, Chris, and Neil only played 2 series each.  Something tells me that the staff already has a starter.  If they do, I will be quite disappointed that they want to keep it a secret.  You can ready Evan’s post here.


Offensive Line.  We are going to be fine as far as starters go.  After that we are going to have issues.  Guards Mike Berry and Lee Isom, tackles Lee Ziemba and Andrew McCain and center Ryan Pugh are set.  Eddins, Odom, and Roseman were all injured in the summer.  Maybe they can get into some sort of shape to see some playing time.


Linebacker.  Well, maybe I was wrong in my post a week or so back.  Eltoro Freeman must be quite good.  If writers are comparing him to Tray Blackmon on the field, that is pretty impressive.  Tray for all his faults off the field, he was a stud on the field (unless he needed to be in pass coverage).  Freeman is short, but maybe he makes up for that with speed and heart.  Depth is going to be a problem.  Bynes is the leader, and apparently he is doing a fine job in that area. 


Defensive Line.  Personally I think that we will be fine here, barring any major disaster.


Defensive Backs.  Auburn sure is moving a lot of guys around.  D'Antoine Hood has been moved from cornerback to safety.  We are going to be quite thin here as well.  If Chizik and Lolley can coach em up, I think that we will be fine.  Chizik has always had great corners… why would this season be any different.  Hopefully Desmond Washington and Harry Adams will help out.  


Maybe the next group of practices... followed by another scrimmage will answer out questions.  This one sure did not do it.


War Damn Eagle