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My Take

Everyone else seems to have done a piece on Chris Todd so why not do one as well.  When I read that "The Todd" [High Five] was going to be the starter, I did what most people I know did and threw up a little in my mouth.  After spitting a couple of times and chewing almost an entire pack of Big Red, I came to the realization that deep down we all knew this would happen.   And we all know it could be worse, we could have a Duke Basketball Player named as the starting QB.

Knowing what I know about Malzahn’s offense (which is seeing Arkansas and Tulsa games) this is a short pass with perfect timing type of attack.  The Todd has always known where to throw it and when to throw it… he just could not actually throw it.  Maybe he is able to now.  The players seem to think he has plenty of "zip" on the ball.  Just having the ability to hit the deep ball once or twice a game will get the safeties to back up a little.  That will open up the lanes for Tate, Fannin, Smith, McCalebb, etc. to pound away.    

Personally, I have always been a Kodi supporter and I have never hid that fact.  I thought that his legs would be able to get him out of trouble and his mechanics would "come around."  I guess I was wrong.  But the kid sure made a lot of friends in the locker room with his "speech."  I would like to have a transcript of it as much as it is talked about.  I hope for his sake that he is able to work in the wildcat to use those legs, and make some big plays for the Tigers.  I think he is a good kid that just could not get it all together at the right time.  Oh well… lets move on Kodi and be a great receiver.  The staff appears to like what they have seen in the few days he has practiced at the new position.

Tyrik Rollison also appears to have the backup job, no matter what the coaching staff says.  Him getting more reps in the second scrimmage is a tale tell sign.  Something tells me we will see him playing late in the season, should things go badly or the injury bug bite us.  Looking at him, it is obvious that he needs to bulk up and a redshirt year will allow that.  But if he is as talented as it is being reported… who knows.  Stranger things have happened on The Plains.

Just a bit over two weeks remaining, I cannot wait!!

On a side note:  Does anyone else just love getting an email from Jay Jacobs?  It drives me up a wall.  His staff is sending out information that is at least a day old, and expects us to be greatful to get the info straight from him.  I do find it interesting that I did not get one from him regarding the tailgating situation on campus this fall.  

War Damn Eagle