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Being an Auburn Man, and Turning It Around


With the postings about "Being an Auburn Man," "Turning it Around" and the like, I would like to throw my two cents in.  There are good things happening on The Plains.  If Eric Smith would have not blown it by getting arrested, there would be nothing but positive things coming out of Auburn’s Camp.  With Chizik’s statements about Smith’s situation, I am quite sure that he will be dealt with appropriately.


When it comes to "Being an Auburn Man" and "Turning it Around" I say look no farther than one Kodi Burns.  Listen to Coach Trooper Taylor’s comments here, if you have not heard them already and you will see what kind of man he is.  While it is no secret that I wanted him to win the QB job, it has become apparent that he was not really in the running at all.  Chris Todd has that position locked up.  By him not winning the job Kodi has shown what type of man he truly is.  I will go ahead and say it… he is an Auburn Man.  No matter what happens this season, he has proven that he is a class act.  He gives a speech at a team meeting so that there will be none of the split squad crap from last season. 


Coach Chizik had this to say afterwards: "Let me tell you something. He was unbelievable tonight. After we had the team meeting, he wanted to say some words to our team—truly, truly inspirational, very heartfelt. It was a tough day. He showed truly who he is today—just a guy with a lot of character and what a great competitor. Again, he's a true Auburn man. He wants to help Auburn win games. That showed today."


Kodi was switched to wide receiver and looks to play a good bit at that position.  How unselfish can one person be?  When most people would be all pouty about losing the quarterback position (which he was supposed to be the second coming of), he is working his tail off to be a great wide receiver.  It is yet to be seen if he will be a possession type guy or just one of the six in rotation, but I think he will be out there a good bit.


His leadership must be uncanny.  Coach Taylor said that Kodi is working voluntarily after practice and on days off to get better.  When other players found out about it, they started doing that as well.  That in my mind also shows me that the 2009 Auburn Tigers will "Turn it Around."  Whether "Turning it Around" is another 5-7 season or 13-0 season should be irrelevant at this point.  Whether the team has made a 180 degree turn around or not is what the measuring stick should be.   It sure seems that all the players and coaches are on the same page while in camp.  What happens once the season starts is another matter all together.  Only time will tell on whether or not these Tigers can "Turn it Around," but Kodi being an Auburn Man is a fact.


Tune in next week when I give my predictions for the upcoming season. 


War Damn Eagle