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Join the TET CFB Pick 'Em on Yahoo! Sports




Since many of you have mentioned lately about prognosticating some upcoming games, I thought it might be fun this season for Track Em Tigers to sponsor our own Pick 'Em contest for free on Yahoo! Sports. Here's how it works: Go here first to set up your free account with Yahoo. It will ask you for the group ID. It is 17588. The password is auburn09. If you don't already have a Yahoo email account, you will need to sign up for one of those, too.

Here are the rules: We pick against the spread for the top games each week. The deadline to change your picks is 5 minutes before the start of the first game on the list. You can change your picks as many times as you like prior to that deadline. At the end, your lowest scoring TWO weeks will be thrown out. That leaves the door open for some people to get in late and still have a chance at being competitive.

The number of entrants is limited, so hurry and sign up immediately. No, you don't have to be an Auburn fan to join. Sound off in the comments section below to let the rest of us know who's in. Your sign in name with the contest doesn't have to match up with your SB moniker, but it sure does make it convenient for the rest of us to know who we're gunning for. Standings will be posted in a thread each week.

This contest is for funsies only, so keep your hand out of your pocket! Maybe we'll do something special for the winner, like give them their own guest column slot or something. See if you can beat Jay, Zach, Acid and me! Let's play ball!!!!