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Finally Practice Starts

So players reported to campus today, and practice starts on Wednesday.  I for one cannot wait.  I am so tired of the off season.  Although I do not think that we as Auburn fans will get the answers we are looking for in the early parts of practice.  Though, I do think that we will get some answers before the weather gets cool.  Looking at the comments left here on TET… the fans seem split on the QB race.  Hopefully Malzahn will get a front runner pretty quickly so we can move on, and get an offense that is ready to play.  It is good to hear that the offensive line is bigger and stronger, compared to last season.  Hopefully they will more like the 2007 line.... blowing people off the ball. 

As the questions at QB linger on… has anyone noticed that our Linebackers are going to be extremely small?  Eltoro Freeman while being highly touted, he sure is short.  I know that Tuberville liked LBs that way, and it has worked out in our favor in years past… but it worries me a bit.  His stats are impressive in High School and JUCO, but this is the SEC.  I hope he is all that he is hyped to be. 

Does anyone think that Aubrey Phillips will play this season?  I have no evidence but I can’t see the NCAA allowing him to "transfer" without penalty, although the practice time will be nice.  We sure could use his size in a backup role this season. 

Do any sort of google search on Auburn Football in 2009, and I bet most pages that pop up will be full of questions for this group of Tigers.  While questions linger at almost every position, Chizik and his staff have done all they can in the off season to say and do the right things.  Now it is time to shut all that up and coach.  Let’s see what happens when the kids are on the field, and it is time to execute. 

Side note… I almost fell out of my chair with this article by Finebaum.    Some of the comments below are classic.  Personally I see 6-6 for the Tigers, 7-5 being a real possibility.  I am sure that after some practice time, I will really get in there and make some predictions.  Of course injuries or the lack there of sure can change things. Only time will tell.  

War Damn Eagle