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Erin Andrews to Air it Out on Oprah


I don't watch Oprah, but do they not allow MEN in the audience?


In one of the strangest stories this year, ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews, who had been secretly filmed nude in a hotel room by an unknown pervert and subsequently forced to endure the humiliation of having it posted on the internet, (which might have gone virtually unnoticed until the attorneys came into the game) has sat down with Oprah recently to discuss how she will begin to heal from this recent turn of events. For those of you who are Oprah watchers, this episode is set to air September 11th. For those of you who can't wait until then, Erin works this Thursday night at the South Carolina--NC State game.

She and her attorneys promise criminal prosecution and a hefty civil suit to the individual(s) responsible for this incident. Although unfortunate for her, one can't help but wonder what such an incident has already done to bolster her already megawatt media presence. Sometimes known as Erin Pageviews, in deference to her strong internet following, Erin should garner plenty of positive attention this fall as she slides back into her slot as being the hottest sideline reporter since Jill Arrington. And should tear therapy on Oprah not get the job done, perhaps we can book her an appointment with Dr. Lou?

He is licensed, right?