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Week Two, at Jordan Hare!

Auburn vs. Mississippi State, Open Thread.
Let 'em have it, Coach!


     War Eagle, everybody! It's another great football Saturday in the South! Here's hoping that the showers and storms hold off for the game. A mix of clouds and sun could make for a spectacular sunset at Jordan Hare Stadium, particularly if you're in the east stands! If it rains, which team does it hurt the most? The magnificent Pat Dye field turf won't be terribly affected by rain, but the question of handling a wet ball will definitely come up. Chris Todd threw decently with a wet ball last year against Southern Miss, which gives hope. But the Tigers let 4 balls (Tate, Fannin, Adams and Trott) hit the turf last week, when it was dry. I'd be willing to bet that this excellent Auburn coaching staff spent some extra preparation time this week, on ball security!


     Be sure to sound off today and tonight, here on Track Em Tigers! We'll be watching football all day, soaking in another great college football weekend! Track 'em, Tigers, just like beagles! Give 'em HELL, you war damn eagles!