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Week Two Pick Em Contest Results



It'll be a few weeks before some of us start to break away from the rest of the pack, but week two had some exciting games in the 21 on the slate. The leaderboard is tenuous, as we throw out the worst two weeks in the end. Good thing, because War Damn Zach and I stunk it up BAD, both going 8/21, the worst two scores in the group.

As far as some trends, every single one of us lost on Utah, who didn't know the way to San Jose, but all of us took the gimmes with California and Cincinatti, who played FCS teams. 28 of the 34 folks that actually turned in scores went non-partisan with Alabama -33.5, and were promptly rewarded with the Tide failing to cover. Most of us went with LSU strong over Vandy and were similarly punished.

We're now up to 40 members, and it's STILL not too late to join, as we throw out the worst two weeks. Some people who played the first week actually didn't make picks for week two, including one of the leaders, so set those reminders and remember that you have until 11:55 AM Eastern to get them entered or changed.


1) T- auburnhillrya  25

1) T-SeasonOfJosie  25

1) T-audude  25

1) T-AUTexan  25

5) T-auburn tigers  24

5) T-todd92  24

5) T-jd is legend  24

5) T-WDE in 09  24

9) T-That Girl  23

9) T-revwhitten  23

9) T-reesedw  23