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Game 2 Thoughts on the Quarterbacks

I changed the title to quarterbacks because Kodi Burns is getting a good bit of playing time in the "wildcat" formation. 

Let’s start with Kodi, since it is apparent that our running backs are not going to get many touches in the goal line package.  That seems to be reserved for Kodi.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am happy that Kodi is getting touches, and I love the fact that he actually threw a TD to Philip Lutzenkirchen.  My thoughts on the "wildcat" from the MSU game are that Gus Malzahn is setting up the end around or the Mario Fannin around in the goal line set.  Kodi seems to be running the "Tim Tebow" bash it up the middle play every time it is a short yardage down.  I wonder if that is the offensive plan, or if Gus is setting us up for something better.  Kodi’s pass to Lutzenkirchen was a pretty good touch pass.  Although I might have questioned it if there was a defender within 100 feet.  But there was not so I give kudos to Kodi, Lutzenkirchen, and the play call.

 On to Chris Todd.  There is little doubt that Chris was not as sharp as week one.  I even saw a couple of the infamous Chris Todd floaters, and when I saw them, I immediately went into a panic mode.  I cannot recall seeing him make a "big boy throw" after that, so who knows.  Was he just tired?  Did he "tweak" something?  I don’t know, but until he has a game where he looks like Todd version 1.0, I am saying he is fine.  I just want to point out that for all the great throws he made in game one, he did not follow up that performance with great throws in game two. Something to keep an eye on. 

With that said, he did manage the MSU game very well.  There was never a doubt in my mind that he could make the plays if they were needed.  I also think that Chris is suffering from a case of Wide Receiver issues.  Darvin Adamsand Terrell Zachery are just average right now.  Neither of these guys are able to consistently get open.  They are both fast and able to "blow by" defenders on occasion, but Todd needs them to get open.  Another question is where are these top notch rookies?  It is time for Emory Blake and DeAngelo Benton to show up.  They have been in camp long enough to be ready and Auburn is going to need them this week.   

You might have noticed that Fannin is the favorite target of Todd.  By Tivo-ing the MSU game, I had the ability to watch that Todd always knows where Fannin is, or is supposed to be.  While it is a great thing to know where your receiver is going to be, it can be an issue as well.  On more than two plays, Todd was not even looking in Fannin’s direction when he decided to throw it to him.   I am not talking about "looking off the safety" (or line backer in this case), I am talking about like a "blind screen" type throw.  A disciplined defense will be all over that sort of play.  If I am noticing that Fannin is the favorite target, I am quite sure coaches are noticing it as well. 

Overall, I still give the Auburn Quarterbacks a high mark.  They are playing within themselves and managing the game.  I look for West Virginia to load the box and make Todd beat them.  Personally I think this is the best strategy to beat Auburn.  It is obvious that the Tigers can run it, maybe after this week’s game we as fans can say that we can throw it as well.

War Damn Eagle