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Week Three Pick 'Em Contest Results



As the season gets older, the less concentration of cupcakes in the schedule occurs, leading to some more exciting games. Unlike previous weeks, Yahoo has the lines up and ready for you, so get on those picks. Last week, I stated that the deadline was the usual 11:55am EST one, but there was a Friday game on the list, something that wasn't supposed to occur, and the deadline got moved up to 5:55pm that day. If that caused some of you (Jay Coulter) to miss your picks, I'm sorry. That's why we throw out the worst two weeks, to allow for snafus like that.

If you wondered what happened to one of your 21 picks, the California-Minnesota game was a push. The line was at 14, and the Bears won by 14, so it fell on neither side and doesn't count for anyone as win or loss. WARNING: Sometimes the line changes significantly. Check back later in the week and see if you're still comfortable with your picks. As one person noted in the messages section of our site, the Alabama game started off with the line OFF, but came in at 38 points mid week. With no line, that game is a gimme, but with one, it changes everything.

Here are the current standings, factoring in the removal of your worst two weeks, which in week three, basically means only counting your best week.


1) T- auburnhillrya  16 points

1) T- WDE in 09  16 points

3) Bowling Thunder  15 points

4) T- AU Texan  14 points

4) T- auburn tigers  14 points

4) T- burah  14 points

4) T- JD is Legend  14 points

4) T- TebowsLastStand  14 points

13 people tied for 9th place with 13 points