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Unsuspecting Playmaker

While most of the media is talking about the great game that Chris Todd had, and the fact that maybe it is possible for Auburn to beat a good team with nothing but passes, I still say that a running back made most of the difference (offensively at least).

On a day where the rains came, I was sure that the running game of Auburn would be the difference.  I was wrong, but it was a running back that gave the Tigers some key plays to pull out the win. 

Eric Smith is still getting into form after being suspended for smacking another student in the head in the wee hours of the morning, but he is picking it up quickly.  He made two excellent special teams tackles.  He had to shed a block and close the hole that had opened on a kick return for the Mountaineers.  He not only closed it, but blasted the returner as well.  On another kick return he blew up the blocker and forced another blocker to help, allowing another Tiger to make the play.  Anything to make our unspecial teams a little more special is fine by me. 

The main reason I think Eric Smith helped the Tigers, was on critical 3rd downs he was in the game.  Yes he was playing H-Back, but he is a running back, just like Mario Fannin is.  Eric made a great catch on a very low throw in the third quarter that kept the chains moving when that is exactly what Auburn needed.  It seems like every play was critical especially on third downs.  Both teams were wearing each other out, and having Smith come out of the backfield to make a key catch was very much needed.

Eric also threw a couple of key blocks when the defenders were blitzing that have Chris Todd time to find open receivers.  One of which was Tommy Trott on another key 3rd down in the fourth quarter.  When Auburn ran, it seemed as if they always ran to the side with Smith in the H-Back slot.

Offensively there were plenty of players who deserve mentioning.  Darvin Adams played great.  He made a catch for a TD that seemed to be already past him. Seeing that one on Tivo, it is more amazing in slow motion.  Fannin hit a second gear heading down the sidelines for his 82 yard score.  The offensive line held up, although they gave a sack or two.  Tommy Trott had his first two catches of the year.  Chris Todd throwing for three bills… plenty of props to go around.  Eric Smith gets my vote for offensive player of the game

War Damn Eagle