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Signature Win

Jay’s post today sure got me thinking.  He is correct that the "meat" of the SEC schedule is upon is, but I think that the schedule is has already started in earnest.  Think about it… Miss State gave LSU fits, hell they should have won.  If the Bulldogs would have pulled that game out, would everyone still be saying that Auburn has played cupcakes?  What about if West Virginia wins the Big Easy?  The Mountaineers are going to beat some teams.  They are quite good.  La Tech is… well La Tech and Ball State is terrible, but the wins over West Virginia and Miss State look pretty good by my standards (as skewed as they might be).


As I wrote in a post a couple of weeks back, I am not sure that we will get respect at all this season.  Tennessee on the road will be a good win (assuming it is a win it at all), but they are on 2-2 at this point in the season.  They are looked at as a rebuilding program, much like Auburn is.  Arkansas is no different.  If we beat the Piggies in Fayetteville, that is a huge win for Auburn, but will anyone outside the SEC West really notice?  We can thank Alabama for that one.  They made Arkansas look much worse than they really are.    


Let’s just say that we make it to LSU unblemished.  I know that is a huge IF, but work with me here.   The traditional Tigers beat the Purple Tigers and the pundits can say the same thing.  "LSU is not the powerhouse team that we thought at the beginning of the season."  They will be considered another overrated SEC school (see Ole Miss).  In no way should LSU be ranked in the top 5.  They have looked quite bad, although they have found a way to win.  Ole Miss is just average.  They have a good QB in Jevan Snead and Dexter McCluster is a stud, but they are just a normal SEC team this season.  Georgia is a mixed bag… they can look quite good and then just lose it.  It is obvious that they cannot stop the pass though.    


When does it stop?  When can Auburn get that signature win they need this season?  Again, I am assuming that they keep winning.  It has to be Bama.  If Auburn could head into the Bama game undefeated, not only will be the best Iron Bowl ever, with both teams undefeated… it would be the only chance this Auburn squad will have to have a signature win. 


Right now Bama looks as good as or better than Florida.  While it pains me to say, it is the truth.  There is little doubt in my mind that Bama will not have a blemish on their record when they waltz in to Jordan-Hare.  The question is what Auburn’s record will look like.  If it has no losses on it, an Auburn fan will tell you it has been a magical season.  But the media outlets will have the ability to say that Auburn has beaten no one up in to that point.


Let be honest, will the above happen?  I highly doubt it.  Especially with the defense looking as weak as it does.  But Auburn is a good ball team.  I am proud of what these young men are doing; I just would like them to get some respect.  At this point of the season the Tigers have played just as hard a schedule as most BCS conference teams have.  Why are we getting sold short?  I know what some of you are thinking and I am not complaining about the Top 25 at all.  I don’t see anyone ranked ahead of us that Auburn is clearly better than.  So you can forget that argument with me.  If Auburn can keep winning the rest will take care of itself.


War Damn Eagle