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Week Four Pick Em Contest Results



Bowling Thunder came in with the highest result for week four, 14 points, followed by a pile of also-rans with 13 and 12 points.  Looks like we've lost a couple of people who appear not to be playing anymore, but we should see a few pull away from the pack in the next few weeks as we get into conference play and lose some of the gut games.

Most of us were disappointed by Georgia, LSU and Florida State, but most of us lost the luster on Alabama as we took the 17.5 points with Arkansas and lost. The vast majority of us didn't like laying 45.5 with USC and Washington State but we didn't mind the 36 with Texas and UTEP. Virtually none of us thought lightning could strike twice with Iowa upsetting Penn State for the second year in a row, and we all endured the push with Houston and Texas Tech.

And for week four, your standings, which are comprised of your best two weeks' worth:


1) Bowling Thunder  29

2) T- AU Texan  27

2) T- auburn tigers 

2) T- WDE in 09 

5) T- SeasonofJosie  26

5) T- burah 

5) T- jd is legend

5) T- aluminum_falcon

5) T- auburnhillrya

5) T- KoolBell4AU

5) T- TebowsLastStand