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Goldberg Shares Details of Chizik Contract

Earlier this afternoon Charles Goldberg at The Birmingham News obtained details of Gene Chizik's new contract. While his base salary sits at $1.9 million annually, he can earn substantially more by hitting several established incentives. Goldberg shares the details below...

Chizik can earn $500,000 more for winning a national championship and $200,000 for winning the SEC title. He would also receive bonuses for his team's academic success. His buyout is $500,000 -- which is his base salary -- for each year remaining on his contract. Three assistant coaches have three-year contracts and the six others have two-year contracts.

Chizik's other incentives include:

·$100,000 for national coach of the year

·$100,000 for SEC coach of the year

·$100,000 for making the SEC title game

$50,000 for a bowl appearance


·$200,000 for winning 14 games in a season

·$150,000 for winning 13 games

·$125,000 for winning 12 games

·$100,000 for winning 11 games

$75,000 for winning 10 games

Auburn also released the contracts of the assistant coaches. They show Auburn has one of the highest paid coaching staffs in the Southeastern Conference.

Here's the assistant coaches' annual salaries:

·Defensive coordinator Ted Roof: $370,000, 3-year contract

Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn $350,000, 3-year contract, 3-year contract

Receiver coach/assistant head coach Trooper Taylor: $320,000, 2-year contract

·Defensive line coach Tracy Rocker: $300,000, 2-year contract

·Offensive line coach Jeff Grimes: $290,000, 2-year contract

·Running backs coach Curtis Luper: $260,000, 2-year contract

·Secondary coach Tommy Thigpen: $250,000, 2-year contract

·Secondary coach Phillip Lolley: $210,000, 2-year contract

Special teams coach Jay Boulware: $210,000, 2-year contract