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Week One Pick Em Contest Results




Week one is done with our Track Em Tigers Pick Em Contestand I'm happy to report that we've had 35 people join so far. But remember, it's STILL not too late to get in as we drop the worst two weeks and last week could count as one for those who still want to join. Week one is the easiest week as it had quite a few gimmes--games where the spread was off since the team was playing a FCS school. Of course, I'm sure that Iowa would beg to differ as they needed devine intervention to beat Northern Iowa. There were five of these match ups in week one, and not a single person decided to get crazy and pick the FCS team.

We had quite a few splits in the picks. We were basically divided on the Georgia game but most of us went against Alabama (and lost). Six people picked Navy with the points against Notre Dame, one took Akron +27 with Penn State, fifteen took BYU +22 against Oklahoma, five took ULM +42 with Texas and five of us took Washington +17.5 with LSU. One person forgot to fill in one game, so please be careful to double-check your picks. If you leave one out, it will tell you that your picks are NOT complete, so be wary.

So here are the rankings for the top 10 in week one:


1) T- AUDude,  Season of Josie   13

3) T- AU Texan, That Girl, au_tiger1968, Todd92, War Eagle Atlanta   12

8) T-Burah, Sullivan0103, badboychad69, War Damn Zach, Acid Reign, FultzyTiger15, rev whitten   11


Look for the pack to separate quite a bit as we move towards week 14. And as always, you're a 'pickin and I'm a' grinnin...