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Game One Thoughts On Chris Todd

I watched some replays of the LA Tech game yesterday.  You know what stood out to me the most?  Chris Todd.  While Mario Fannin was spectacular as a Ronnie Brown type fullback and Onterio McCalebb was nothing short of awesome, Todd just seemed unflappable to me.  He seemed to have a grasp on what Gus wanted and for the most part Todd got all the players lined up where they needed to be.  He also threw what I like to call "Big Boy Throws."  "Big Boy Throws" are not necessarily bullet passes.  They are perfectly timed, or perfectly placed, or they I guess they can also be bullet passes in a great location.  Chris Todd threw a few "Big Boy Passes" against LA Tech.  One of those throws was the 93 yard TD, but a couple more of those throws were actually incompletions (one to DeAngelo Benton, and the other to Emory Blake).  Todd sort of reminds me of the way Jason Campbell was in 2004.  He never seemed to get rattled and seemed to know exactly where he wanted to go with the football.  I am not saying that we are going to go 13-0 and win the SEC but Chris Todd has shown some major maturity.


Campbell and Todd have some other things in common as well.  Both were booed by the Auburn faithful (which still chaffs my rear).  Both had their leadership and athletic ability questioned.  Both were in danger of losing the starting job to the backup.  Hopefully Chris can do what Jason did and overcome all that negative energy and turn this team into a winner.  I do have to wonder what is going to happen if/when Todd throws a couple of interceptions, or throws a lame duck or two though.  I hope that he and the fans will be able to handle it.  It is not always going to look like it did Saturday night. 


Remember in 2004, we had good offensive day to start the season against LA Monroe and followed it up with another great showing against Miss St.  The struggle came in game three against LSU.  Well this season it is West Virginia, and hopefully we do not have to have a penalty give us another shot at an extra point to win.  In 2004, Auburn followed that amazing LSU game with a blowout win over the Citadel as a tune-up for a trip to Knoxville.  This season it is Ball St is that tune up.  The win at UT in 04 was the spring board for the rest of the season.  Can this season be the same?    


How can I draw conclusions by only playing one game?  Am I just being a Homer? Maybe I am drinking the Kool-Aid.  No, I am drinking the Kool-Aid.  Gus Malzahn and Gene Chizik made it for me and I am taking a big ole swig.  I think barring injury we are going to be just fine.  I will stand by my predictions from last week.    


Small Rant… What happened to all the folks who called the various radio shows saying that LA Tech as a "very good team" and that they would beat Auburn, or Auburn would have to win it late in the contest.  Where are those folks now (I am not talking about you Jonno).  You would have thought by listening to WJOX or other media outlets that the Bulldogs were going to go about their business and handle a "down" Auburn squad.  I am not asking for an apology, that would just be dumb, but they should at least give Auburn some credit.  Now these same folks are saying that LA Tech is just an average team.  I don’t think that is true.  I think that LA Tech will finish in the upper half of a good WAC conference.  Who knows they might even finish second or third.  They are not top tier SEC quality, but neither was LA Monroe in 2007.  Give Auburn credit for a good win for heavens sake.  I would not call it a quality win, but a good one nevertheless.


War Damn Eagle