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A Bet Delivered...


A big thank you today to Hilary, a.k.a... Hmlee over at The Rivalry, Esq. for delivering on her Outback Bowl bet with me. You'll remember, she put up Chicago style hot dogs from Portillo's and I offered up ribs from Dreamland. The hot dogs arrived just in time for dinner on Friday night.

Hilary made me promise to eat the first hot dog exactly the way a Chicagoan would with relish, mustard, pickle spear, jalapenos, tomato, onion and Portillo's seasoning salt.  For a guy who's used to pouring about a pound of chili on top of his dog, I was skeptical.

Let me tell you, it was awesome.  How awesome was it? I may never eat another hot dog with chili again. I'm not kidding. Don't doubt me. Just try it when you get a chance. In the words of that cereal commercial it was, "Like a mouth full of joy."  We finally polished the last of them off on Saturday night.

Thank you again Hilary for being such a sport and we enjoyed having you during the live blog of the game.  On at least three occasions during New Year's Day I had my credit card ready to pull the trigger on shipping ribs to the Windy City. Northwestern gained respect from all Auburn fans in how they played and conducted themselves during game week. It was simply, college football at its finest.