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Dead Period Number One


Well we are to that time again.  The season is over and everyone is looking toward National Signing Day.  Most teams have locked up a few 5 stars and holding their breaths for a couple more to cross the fax line on the big day.  Auburn is in pretty good shape if the commits that they have hold strong.  Most talking heads believe they will.  The Tigers are still in the running for a couple of guys which could put us in the Top 3 in recruiting this season.  Marcus Lattimore, Eric Mack, Bryan Jones and Jeffery Whittaker are a few big timers that are still on the fence. 

Personally, I think that if we can just hold the guys that have committed Auburn will be in a place that we have not seen in a while.  It is obvious that our coaching staff has changed the mindset of Auburn Fans.  Never before have Auburn fans thought that a number one player in the nation at a certain position want to come to the Plains.  Tuberville would not even really target these players, because he viewed it as a waste of time.  He and his staff were a great judge of talent, but ESPN, Scout and Rivals are not wrong all the time.  Sure there are some bust… see Mitch Mustain, but 5 stars is 5 stars.

My thought on CJ Mosley is that he was going to Bama the whole time.  I just cannot understand why he would not want to come to Auburn and be a star.  He is going to be in a crowded LB spot at Alabama.  I guess in his case it is the loyalty to Bama, not the playing time.  Auburn missed out on a good one in Mosley.

War Eagle everyone, and bring on National Signing Day.  I wonder if we have another surprise this season.  It seems like we always pull one out in the end.


War Damn Eagle